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TLC Medical Arts Pharmacy Now Offers PakMyMeds

Are you tired of organizing your meds, reading the small print on vials, and remembering which medications to take and when? If you’re having trouble taking your medications correctly, we have the hassle-free solution at TLC Medical Arts in West Covina, CA.

  • We work with your doctors to automatically manage your refills

  • Meds sorted for you by dose and time

  • Pick up in-store, or we’ll deliver to you

  • Tear off just what you need, when you need it

Click the link below for more videos and more information about Carefree Medication Pouch Pack: PakMyMeds( Parts 1,2,3). These videos will inform you how we are working with PakMyMeds once you transfer your all the  prescriptions to our Pharmacy. 

 PakMyMeds Patient Testimonial # 1  

Patient / Caregiver Testimonial # 2 

Patient  Testimonial # 3

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Simplify & Organize Your Medications

Taking your prescription medications should be easy. However, we understand that taking multiple medications can make taking your medications complicated and challenging. Stop worrying about taking the correct dosages and allow us to pack your meds with PakMyMeds and simplify your medication regimen. 

  • No more refill hassles

  • No medication sorting or confusion

  • Get your medication sorted by the dose and time into individual pouches

  • Get a 30-day supply at once

  • Easily take your meds on-the-go

Taking medications should be easy, and now they are with PakMyMeds. Reach out to our expert team of pharmacists at TLC Medical Arts in West Covina, CA. We are here to help simplify and organize your medications!

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